Plan to ban McKenzie Buddies from charging fees gets assistance of Law Society and CILEx

Plans to stop McKenzie Friends from being able to recover fees from members of the public following effective court action have received the support of the Law Society and the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEx).

A McKenzie Friend is somebody who assists a litigant personally in a court appearance in some cases a good friend or family member. In a lot of cases McKenzie Friends are not certified or managed legal representatives, but some still effort to charge for their services. Lots of members of the general public are currently forced into being litigants face to face because they cannot manage a lawyer, while the legal help arrangement which used to provide legal representation to such people has been destroyed by the government’s austerity agenda. Previously, the Legal Services Board and the Solicitors Regulation Authority have actually suggested that McKenzie Friends could offset the legal help cuts; however the Law Society has refuted the concept that non-professionals can correctly change qualified lawyers. Meanwhile, the Judicial Executive Board has proposed a restriction on non-professional recuperating costs for litigation or advocacy in the courts a move also supported by CILEx. You can find more information on medicare scam lawyer here.
Simon Garrod, CILEx director of policy and governance, said: McKenzie Friends might originate from a range of sources and the bulk will be acting with total propriety, however we do not think it suitable to charge for legal services without ensuring the public enough defenses and redress. We are open to how we as approved regulators can work together to improve requirements and guarantee the public can be positive in individuals who support them through the courts.

auto-insurance-fraudJonathan Smithers, president of the Law Society, stated: There are various types of McKenzie Friends. They might be friend or family, or pro-bono plan volunteers who may have some legal background; and after that there are those who charge for their services, perhaps offering a knowledge they are not certified to offer. Restricting the recovery of charges will still allow judges to think about requests from McKenzie good friends to take part in court procedures under the Legal Services Act 2007. Prohibiting McKenzie buddies from recuperating costs for litigation or advocacy strikes the right balance Clients of fee-paid McKenzie Friends have no assurance of their legal knowledge, and are left with no redress if things go wrong. They are not necessarily less expensive than solicitors, who are extremely regulated and provide a high requirement of quality service. Our members have actually witnessed the damage done by the dishonest, so we very much invite any steps that bring clearness to the support that a McKenzie Friend can offer.

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